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Tumbling Stone

Number 5 - Special Issue 15-06-2001
A scientific publication by SGF and NEODyS.

Special issue about the Palermo meeting

11-06-01: Talks and related topics
12-06-01: Talks and related topics
13-06-01: Talks and related topics
14-06-01: Talks and related topics
15-06-01: Talks and related topics

In the program of the single day, you can click on the blue links to see T.S past articles about related topics. Pink words are links to scientific dictionary terms.
You can find an abstract of each talk at the meeting's official website:

Tumbling Laughs

by Ettore Perozzi


From the conference:
  1950 DA could hit Earth in 2880, but do we really know it? Yarkovsky effect could make a big difference in calculating its whereabout in the next centuries. So we maybe better think of....
The sweet solution by Andrea Milani, our correspondent at the Asteroids III meeting
Comunicato Stampa della prima giornata del Congresso (in italiano):
Piazzi, la tecnica radar, la missione NEAR

T.S. specials on related Topics:
  Radars in NEOs' science
  How are radars used in NEOs' science?
  Radars in NEOs' science: Goldstone and Arecibo
  Asteroids' characteristics:
  Some observational techniques: photometry, spectroscopy...
  Asteroids' shapes and rotation: what is a lightcurve?
  About asteroid Vesta...
  About meteors, meteorites and asteroids
  The origin of the solar system
  The origin of the solar system (from Spaceguard Science pages)



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