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Tumbling Stone

Number 2: 15-03-2001
A scientific publication by SGF and NEODyS.

The political point of view

Is Europe moving on the NEO issue?

by Andrea Carusi (*)
On the 7th of March the Report of the UK Task Force has been discussed at the House of Lords in London, UK. This is the most recent "political" event concerning NEOs. But, what has happened in this respect in the past years? And what is likely to happen in the near future? Click here for the full article

* Andrea Carusi -President of the SGF-

Latest on the NEAR mission
Does Eros rotation axis wobble?
by Andrea Milani (*) from JPL, Pasadena, California

At the end of my article on the NEAR landing on Eros (click here to see the full article, published in the first issue of TS), I suggested that NASA would not dare to shut down the spacecraft while it was operational, resting on the surface of Eros. Indeed the NEAR team was able to point out that at least two meaningful scientific experiments could be performed in these conditions. (click here for the full article)

* Andrea Milani -Director of NEODyS-

One year ago Paolo Farinella has died.
He was a very talented young
astrophysicist and, most of all, a very
good friend. TS wants to remember
him with this cartoon, that would
have surely amused him...

Dedicated to Paolo...

by Ettore Perozzi (full version)

Comet Hale Bopp - courtesy of NASA

Focus on comets: Lexell
A comet heading towards Earth: the first NEO
by Giovanni Valsecchi
These strange snowballs!
by Livia Giacomini

Special on Varuna: bigger than Ceres!
Goddess of Heaven and Earth!
by Andrea Boattini
From 2000WR106 to Varuna: how are asteroids named?
by Livia Giacomini
From Ceres to Carnegia
by Nanni Riccobono

Other articles:
Turning asteroids into stardust
by Luigi Foschini


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The Spaceguard Foundation (SGF) is a private, non profit scientific organization aimed at supporting and co-ordinating NEO researches in the world
The NEO Dynamic Site (NEODyS) is a service offered by the University of Pisa (Italy). It provides catalogues, computation of orbits, and projection of the behavior of NEOs in the future, in order to identify possible impacts in advance.

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