Number 18: 22/11/2002
A scientific publication by SGF and NEODyS

Special: the first impact crater discovered in Italy

1. The Sirente plain and the main crater .

2. Oblique view of the Sirente main crater with the small crater lake.

3. Core drilling at the rim of the Sirente main crater

4. The Sirente Study Group members Jens Ormö, Angelo Rossi, and Goro Komatsu inspecting the drill rig when drilling the Sirente crater rim.

5. The elevated rim of the Sirente crater. The drill rig inside the crater gives the scale. The crater is about 140 meter in diameter

6. Craters in the crater field that surrounds the Sirente main crater. Goro Komatsu indicates the scale by standing inside one of the craters.

7. Angelo Rossi standing near the elevated rim of the Sirente crater. Note how the plain's surface is dipping towards the rim of excavated material. The inward dip is in contrast to the normal situation at impacts into solid targets. In these cases the dip is outwards due to the volume expansion of target material under the ejecta of the crater rim. In the case of Sirente the target was clay that got compacted by the shock. Similar has been seen at large experimental craters in alluvium

8. Excavation of one of the small craters in the crater field.

9. Row of craters in the crater field. The crater in the foreground is about 10 meters wide.

10. A view of the Sirente plain landscape

Credits: Photo 1 - Andrea Carusi ; all other photos - Jens Ormö.