Number 17: 07/10/2002
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Reaching a higher level in international cooperation

A. Carusi - President, The Spaceguard Foundation

Next January, the European Space Research Institute (ESRIN) of ESA will host a workshop of the Global Science Forum of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The title of the workshop is: "Workshop on Near Earth Objects: Risks, Policies and Actions"...

Read in Tumbling Stone the announcement of the workshop, released on October 15, 2002.

Apollo-junk in orbit
J002E3 = Apollo 12 SIV-B ?
by Steve Chesley - NEO JPL program Office

In the morning of Tuesday Sept. 3rd amateur astronomer Bill Yeung imaged an object with fairly fast motion across the sky. The object was named J002E3 and there is some proof that it could be the Apollo 12 S-IVB third stage, which was left in a distant Earth orbit after it was launched on November 14, 1969...

Special about Contour

August 15: ground operation team looses contact with Contour
by Nanni Riccobono - Tumbling Stone

On august 15, Contour should have fired its STAR-30 solid rocket motor for approximately 50 seconds, getting the 1,922 meters-per-second boost it needs to escape Earth's orbit. But it didn't work this way: briefly after ignition time, Contour mission lost its contact with the operations team at APL...

The three targets of the mission by Livia Giacomini - Tumbling Stone

NASA mission named CONTOUR (Comet Nucleus Tour) was launched to study three different comets:...

A 3d interactive model of Contour

Tumbling Stone presents a 3d interactive model of spacecraft Contour and of its scientific payload. You can rotate it, zoom it AND click on the scientific instruments to know more about them... The model is an artist impression of Contour spacecraft by Livia Giacomini .

Apollo asteroid at Campo Imperatore

The third NEO found by italians
by Fabrizio Bernardi - Astronomical Observatory of Campo Imperatore

During the night between the 3rd and the 4th of September, a new NEA has been discovered at the Astronomical Observatory of Campo Imperatore. This asteroid was named temporarily 2002 RQ25 and it represents the third NEA-discovery made in Italy and only the first by a professional observatory. The discovery was made by tha CINEOS program which stands for Campo Imperatore Near Earth Objects Survey, a program born from the collaboration between the IASF Istitute and the Astronomical Observatory of Rome...

Survey: missions to asteroids

Dawn: a voyage to the beginning of the Solar System
by Livia Giacomini - Tumbling Stone

A new mission to study asteroids, called Dawn, has been selected as NASA's ninth Discovery mission to be launched in May 2006. To be precise, Dawn mission will launch from Cape Canaveral on May 27 2006 and after a four years-trip in space, the spacecraft will rendezvous with asteroid Vesta on July 30 2010, staying in orbit around the asteroid for almost an year, coming to a minimum distance of 100Km above the asteroid's surface...

Latest news: new web services for Dawn


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