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Number 14:22/05/2002
A scientific publication by SGF and NEODyS

About interrupted returns and the new NEODyS software
The main reason why CLOMON2 is smarter than CLOMON...
by Giovanni Valsecchi, Director of SCN

The new software robot CLOMON2 was designed to be smarter than its predecessor, whose algorithms are now considered out-of-date by its authors. Let us try to see what 'smartness' means. To do this, we have to define what interrupted returns are ...

To know more: 3D animations of interrupted returns
Special: a new Spaceguard delegation
Welcome Spaceguard Spain by Salvador Sánchez, Vicepresident of Spaceguard Spain
Project Unicorn
The observatory of Mallorca is up to a new, important project: the building of three telescopes of 61 cm, dedicated to the follow up of dim NEOs...
Tumbling News
NEODyS announces new services by A. Milani, Director of NEODyS and M.E. Sansaturio, President of Spaceguard Spain
About the first MACE meeting in Croatia
One of the abstracts from the MACE meeting

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