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Number 13:19/04/2002
A scientific publication by SGF and NEODyS

Let's talk of amateurs

A fruitful collaboration

by A. Carusi, President of the SGF

The NEO search is one of the few fields of science where non-professional people have an important role. This is certainly due to the accessibility of basic astronomic instrumentation, but also to the passion and dedicatedness of amateurs. It must also be understood that the term "non-professional" refers often only to the fact that these people, that I want to call colleagues, have a working activity different from astronomical research; however, their competence and skillness are quite often comparable, and even superior, to those of many professional astronomers...

A meeting in Italy between amateurs and scientists: an interview with Claudio Lopresti
Stars Lovers

by Nanni Riccobono

Italian version

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