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Number 11: 01/02/2002
A scientific publication by SGF and NEODyS

Special: from the Torino to the Palermo scale

Quantifying the risk by Livia Giacomini

Quantifying a risk is not an easy problem, in any field. An example over all: how dangerous can a car, running on a certain road, be? Obviously, the answer depends on many factors (its speed, the road, the pilot skillness...). Even if we were able to formalise the connections between these parameters, it wuold still be necessary to define a statistical tool to quantify the specific danger (since a risk is always a statistical probability!) ...

Dear, old Torino scale...
Tumbling News: sugar in meteorites?
Sweet space products
by Nanni Riccobono
Tumbling Science: what is chaos?
Why are NEOs' orbits cahotic?
Mechanisms of chaos
Survey: Space missions about NEOs
People looking for NEOs
Spaceguard UK - A saga (part I)
by Jay Tate - President of Spaceguard UK

Italian version

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Editor: Nanni Riccobono
Assistant Editor and web design: Livia Giacomini (
Collaborators of this issue: Andrea Boattini, Germano D'Abramo, Ettore Perozzi, Jay Tate
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