Tumbling Stone

Tumbling Stone is a scientific magazine about NEOs (Near Earth Objects), asteroids and comets, and the hazard of Earth impact. TS is a scientific monthly publication by Spaceguard Foundation and NEODyS where you can find articles by researchers about NEOs science and related topics (comets, asteroids and their orbital and physical characteristics, meteors, meteorites, craters, impacts, space missions to NEOs and much, much more!).

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Editor: Nanni Riccobono
Assistant Editor, web master and graphics: Livia Giacomini

Spaceguard Foundation (SGF) is a private, non profit scientific organization aimed at supporting and co-ordinating NEO researches in the world.
NEO Dynamic Site (NEODyS) is a service offered by the University of Pisa (Italy). It provides catalogues, computation of orbits, and projection of the behavior of NEOs in the future, in order to identify possible impacts in advance.

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Images of the heading: courtesy of NASA