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Number 1 - 12/02/2001

Main Topics: "Why so much talking about asteroids" by Andrea Carusi; "The first virtual impactor of the millenium" by Andrea Milani
Special about NEAR's landing on EROS: "Happy Valentine from Eros" by Andrea Milani; "History of a mission" by Livia Giacomini
Special on Ceres bicentenary
: "The night Piazzi discovered Ceres" by
Nanni Riccobono ; "Ceres: Planet or asteroid?" by Livia Giacomini
Images of the day: Asteroid Mathilde, Chicxulub crater, Comet Halley

Number 2 - 15/03/2001

Main Topics: "Is Europe moving on the NEO issue?" by Andrea Carusi; "Does Eros rotation axis wobble?" by Andrea Milani ; "Turning asteroids into stardust" by Luigi Foschini
Focus on comets: "Comet Lexell,
the first NEO (part I)" by Giovanni Valsecchi, "These strange snowballs " by Livia Giacomini
Special on Varuna: "Goddess of Heaven and Earth" by Andrea Boattini, "How are asteroids named?" by Livia Giacomini "From Ceres to Carnegia" by Nanni Riccobono
Images of the day:
Asteroid Ida, Comet Hale Bopp and crater Barringer

Number 3 - 24/04/2001
and versions)

Main Topics: "Risk perception: NEOs vs Mir" by David Morrison; "Is the next Tunguska predictable?" (Part I) by Andrea Milani
Special on comets: "Comet Lexell (part II)" by Giovanni Valsecchi; "Reading an orbit: the orbital elements" by Livia Giacomini
About asteroids' shapes: "Sylvia and 1998 WW_31: two binary asteroids" by
Germano D'Abramo and Andrea Boattini, "Asteroids shapes as a result of collisions" by Germano D'Abramo
People looking for NEOs: "The Spacewatch Program" by Robert McMillan
Images of the day: Asteroid Toutatis, Comet LINEAR, Clearwater craters

Number 4 - 01/06/2001
and versions)

Main Topics: The Meeting in Palermo: "Asteroids 2001, two centuries of research" by Vincenzo Zappala' ; "Is the Next Tunguska predictable? (part II)" by Andrea Milani ; "Asteroid 9934 Caccioppoli by Ettore Perozzi; "The recovery of 1998 KM3" by Andrea Boattini and Germano D'Abramo
Special on impact structures: "All you have to know about impact structures" by
Livia Giacomini and "Barringer Crater" by Nanni Riccobono
People looking for NEOs: "LINEAR" by Grant Stokes
Images of the day:Asteroid Vesta, Comet Hyakutake, Gooses Bluff crater

 Number 5 - 11-16/06/2001 Special Issue

Main Topics: Special issue about the Meeting "Asteroids 2001": "The sweet solution" by
Andrea Milani, Technical cards about Radars in NEOs' science, Asteroids characteristics (lightcurve...), Meteorites and the Origin of the Solar System

Number 6 - 25/07/2001
and versions)

Special about Mission Bepi Colombo: "Mission Mercury" by Andrea Carusi, "Mercury, a strange little world" by Livia Giacomini
NEOs science and the mass media: "Short, simle messages. Just like kisses" by
Duncan Steele
About Asteroids 2001: The meeting's chronicles in cartoons by
Ettore Perozzi
People looking for NEOs:
"Radar investigations of NEAs" by
Steve Ostro

Number 7 - 05/09/2001 Special Issue
( version)

About asteroid 2001PM9: "Same old tale of an asteroid (or…the worst holiday of my life)" by Andrea Milani, "Feelings of an amateur observer of NEAs" by Jaime Nomen

Number 8 - 30/09/2001
and versions)

Main Topics: "Report from Meteoroids 2001" by Luigi Foschini
Mission Deep Space 1: "Deep Space 1 reveals the heart of comet Borrelly" by Donald K. Yeomans, "Mission Deep Space1" by Livia Giacomini
A discussion on the MPML about the terrorist attack: "Unnamed asteroids and the victims of the terrorist attack to the U.S." by Nanni Riccobono, "Naming problem to the fore" by Andrea Milani
All the science behind a news article: "Kalliope no longer single" by Livia Giacomini; Technical cards about telescopes and light
Images of the day: Asteroid Kallioppe, Comet Borrelly

Number 9 - 30/10/2001
and versions)

Special about deflection: "We only need a little, gentle kick" by Andrea Carusi, "Earth impactors mitigation methods" by Germano D'Abramo, from the novel"the dinosaurs' bequest" by Andrea Milani
The Leonid meteor shower: "Leonid Meteor shower" by Nanni Riccobono, "When the sky is falling on our heads: the physics of meteors" by Livia Giacomini
People looking for NEOs: "The Japan Spaceguard associate" by Suyzo Isobe


Number 10 - 30/11/2001

Tunguska: "Is the Tunguska mystery solved? " by Albino Carbognani
The Leonid meteor shower: more images of the Leonid Meteor shower
People looking for NEOs: "Euro-radars" by Alexander L.Zaitsev

Number 11 - 01/02/2002
and versions)

Main Topics:
From the Torino to the Palermo Scale by Livia Giacomini
Tumbling Science: what is cahos and which are the mechanisms of cahos?
Tumbling News: "Sugar in meteorites" by Nanni Riccobono
Space missions about NEOs : Mission stardust
People looking for NEOs: "Spaceguard UK part I" by Jay Tate

Number 12 - 12/03/2002
and versions)

Main Topics:
Special about asteroid 2002CU11 by Andrea Milani, Giovanni Valsecchi and Maria Eugenia Sansaturio "Sentry, a new system from NASA to the web" by Livia Giacomini
Special about comet Ikeya-Zhang "A new visitor " by Livia Giacomini
Tumbling Science: physical characteristics and orbital elements of a comet. How do you determine its orbit?
Tumbling News: "Yucatan: about Chicxulub's secrets" by Nanni Riccobono; "ESA call for missions to NEOs" by Ettore Perozzi
Space missions about NEOs : Mission Rosetta
People looking for NEOs: "Spaceguard UK part II" by Jay Tate

Number 13 - 19/04/2002
and versions)

Main Topics:
About amateurs: "A fruitful collaboration" by Andrea Carusi "Stars lovers" by Nanni Riccobono
Special about comet Ikeya-Zhang "A new visitor " by Livia Giacomini
Tumbling News: "A new observing site for SGF" by Andrea Carusi; "An asteroid bombaredement destroyed the rocky crust" by Nanni Riccobono "The asteroid population: twice than expected" by Alessandro Giuntini
People looking for NEOs: "the MPC" by Livia Giacomini

Number 14 - 22/05/2002
, and versions)

Main Topics:
About interrupted returns: "The reason why Clomon2 is smarter than Clomon1" by Giovanni Valsecchi
Spaceguard Spain "Welcome Spaceguard Spain" by Salvador Sánchez; "Project Unicorn"
Tumbling News: "NEODyS announces its new services" by Andrea Milani and M.E. Sansaturio

Number 15 - 27/06/2002 Special Issue
, and versions)

Breaking News: about 2002 NT7 :
"Media summer: a worm in Manhattano or the end of the world" by
Nanni Riccobono
Special Issue about the results of ESA call for missions :
Editorial "Riding the stones" by Andrea Carusi; "Don Quijote (who is afraid of an asteroid?) by Andrea Milani, "Earthguard I " by Stefano Mottola; "MIssion ISHTAR" by Paolo D'Arrigo; "Remote observations of NEOs from Space" by Alberto Cellino; "EUNEOS: looking for NEOS from Space" by A. Morbidelli and V. Martinot; "Simone: a fleet of small satellites" by Ettore Perozzi

Number 16 - 05/08/2002
, and versions)

Special about 3d-interactive techniques in NEO science: "Welcome to the 3d world (or asteroid!) by Livia Giacomini; 3d models of 4 asteroids.
About the ACM meeting:
"Asteroids, comets and meteors" by Andrea Milani
Other articles:
"Let's go cratering around" by Nanni Riccobono; "Asteroid 2002NY40" and "More about 2002 NT7"

Number 17 - 07/10/2002
, and versions)

Apollo junk in orbit: "J002E3 = Apollo 12 SIV-B?" by Steve Chesley
Special about the Contour lost mission
by Nanni Riccobono and Livia Giacomini;
An apollo asteroid at Campo Imperatore: "the third NEO forund by italians" by Fabrizio Bernardi
Survey: missions to asteoids:
Livia Giacomini

Number 18 - 22/11/2002
( and versions)

Main Topics:
About the first impact crater discovered in Italy: "The discovery of the Sirente crater field" by Jens Ormö, Angelo Pio Rossi and Goro Komatsu ; A photo reportage of the discovery, A 3d interactive model of the crater
Other articles: about Eros craterization "Craters (or lack of craters) on Eros" by Clark R. Chapman