Priority List

The List of Suggested Observations

The Priority List classifies the need to observe Near-Earth Asteroids into four categories: urgent, necessary, useful and low priority. This service focuses on newly discovered objects to ensure that the highest possible percentage of these bodies can be recovered at other apparitions.

Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) observed at two or more oppositions, but not numbered yet, will eventually be included when they show significant ephemeris uncertainty.

Objects brighter than magnitude 22.0 V and at least 40 degrees of elongation from the sun are eligible for this list according to this PLOT. It is updated on a daily basis using data coming from the Minor Planet Center and the NEODySdatabases.

Each category of this list is represented by an abbreviation and the background color in the first column as indicated. For more information read the "Explanation of Symbols".
Low priority

Andrea Boattini, Germano D'Abramo, Giovanni Valsecchi

NEA Visibility Chart (Original idea by Felix Hormuth; special thanks to Detlef Koschny)
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Last update: 2018 Nov 16, 12:03 UT

Priority Object Inserted in this categ. R.A. Decl. Elong. Magn. Sky Uncert. in arcsec End of Visibility
Data for 2018 Nov 16, 23:00 UT
UR 2012 CT 2012/02/04 04h 41m -32.1 126 21.7 4764 2019 Mar 19
LP 2012 GS5 2012/04/16 05h 42m +00.3 142 19.5 6 2019 Jan 08
UR Objects from the NEO Confirmation Page