Registration page to the Situation Room

This page allows you to send a request to the Supervisor/Administrator of the Spaceguard Central Node in order to register your observatory to the Spaceguard System, or to obtain a login account. You have to supply some information about you, so that you can be identified and contacted by the supervisor and the other users that are part of the collaboration.

You are also requested to specify the User Name and Password that you will use in the login page to access to the Situation Room.

Either your request is accepted or not, you will be contacted by e-mail.

Remember that a Registered User can modify the data concerning his observatory contained in the Spaceguard Central Node Database, and can confirm observations suggested by the supervisor. He can also access facilities useful to plan observations.

If you just want to obtain a login account you should specify the code of your referring observatory. If you want to enter the collaboration but you have not a referring observatory just enter the 'URU' word in the CODE field.

The red fields are mandatory, the black ones are optional. The password has to be typed two times to ensure the correct spelling.

Observatory code

User Name
Confirm password