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What is the Spaceguard System?

The Spaceguard System is a collection of observatories all around the world that are engaged in Near Earth Object (NEO) observations. At this time these observatories are all ground-based. A few of these centers are conducting "discovery" programs, while others are mainly involved in "follow-up" observations.

It is the purpose of the Spaceguard Central Node to provide these observatories with services that may result useful in optimizing the level of international coordination for follow-up of NEOs.

The participation of observatories to the services offered by the SCN is on a volouteer basis. All information contained here is available to the visitors only upon explicit consensus of the originators.

The body of the Spaceguard System consists of four subsections. The NEO Coordination System is the most important of them:

NEO Coordination System: it provides services for the international coordination of NEO follow-up observations. These services are divided into two subsections: the Priority List and the Menu of Opportunities. Please read the instructions on how to use these services by browsing the NEO Coord. System link on the left side of this page. - ACTIVE

Situation Room: for information on the current researches. Includes information about the participating observatories, their programs and observing schedule. - TO BE UPDATED

Software Tools: contains a collection of freeware software programs for observation, computation and data analysis. - NOT ACTIVE

Archives: contains orbital and observational databases, archives of images and lists of existing archives. - ACTIVE