Observing Campaigns Coordinated by the Spaceguard Central Node

In addition to the routine work of maintaining priority lists for the NEO follow-up coordination work, the Spaceguard Central Node is directly involved in promoting specific observing campaigns addressed to objects of particular interest. The choices of the targets that are in need of particular attention is made of suggestions from a few teams. So far, specific campaigns have been mostly conducted in order to remove possible collision solutions of newly discovered NEOs.

When an observing campaign is started, it is the policy of the SCN to keep contacts only with the people/teams who are in a position of providing useful information for the solution of the case. Public announcements, if any, are provided when campaigns are over.

Here we provide a list of most of the objects involved in observing campaigns by the Spaceguard Central Node. Specific information is provided for all the campaigns carried out after October 2000, starting with the small Aten-type object 2000 SG344.

Testing campaigns carried out in 1999:

Observing campaigns carried out in 2000:

Observing campaigns carried out in 2001

Observing campaigns carried out in 2002

Observing campaigns terminated in 2003

Observing campaigns terminated in 2004

This document was updated on October 1, 2004, by Andrea Boattini and Germano D'Abramo