What is a NEO? minor bodies: comets and asteroids more about comets, asteroids and meteorites
a first classification of NEOs: how NEOs' names are given measurable characteristics of asteroids and comets
origin of the Solar system  number of existing NEOs


Where do NEOs move? what is an orbit? the 2-body and the n-body problem The dynamics of the solar system
What is a chaotic orbit? mechanisms of perturbation
statistics: a new vision of orbits numerical simulations of orbits


When do impacts happen? what is an impact? role of the atmosphere, craters, and after effects
physical characteristics of impacts The Torino Scale
How many impacts are there? probability and previsions
of impacts


How are NEOs studied? scientific instruments in NEOs' science observations on NEOs (optical, spectroscopic, radar, photometric, orbital)
spacecraft missions in NEOs' science details on missions
How should we defend Earth? Future exploitation of NEOs


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