The science of Near Earth Objects (NEOs) is rapidly developing. Here you will find some material that should allow you to understand more about the origin, history, movements of these objects, and about the threat they may pose to humankind. This section is far from complete, because the subject is huge and complex, and some aspects of it may require the knowledge of many topics pertaining to very different scientific disciplines.
The material in this section is arranged at various levels of complexity; the more you will dig into the section, the more material, links and explanations you will find. The home page will help you navigate across the entire subject (a only-text version is also available). Each new page will contain links to numerous topics; if you get lost, you can use the index on the bottom of each page to find again your way, or may try to hit the back button on your browser to trace back your path.
We hope that you will enjoy your exploration of NEO Science!

Andrea Carusi - President of The Spaceguard Foundation

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