WELCOME to the Spaceguard Central Node, the web site of The Spaceguard Foundation and of the Spaceguard System (the mirror site is here). This site is freely opened to all people wishing to understand what is being done for observing and tracking Near-Earth Objects (NEOs): asteroids and comets that could represent a threat to the Earth's ecosystem in case of an impact. The Spaceguard Foundation is an international, private organization that groups observers, both professional and amateur, as well as people and organizations with no particular astronomical background who want to contribute to the activity of the Foundation.

The Spaceguard Foundation's Home Page contains a description of the purposes of the Foundation, together with information on its activity and memberships

The NEO Science Page contains informations and tutorials on the scientific problems related to NEOs

The Spaceguard System Page provides a number of tools intended to facilitate observations and co-ordinate the work of the various centers active in this field

The Links Page will lead you to other related places that may be of interest to you.



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